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Business Support Map To Support Entrepreneurs Launched In Cape Town

by on 09/01/14 at 2:00 pm
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I am proud to announce today another initiative by the City of Cape Town to enable opportunities for the lifeblood of our economy – our entrepreneurs. The City’s Activa initiative, focussing on the development of entrepreneurship support, has produced the Business Development Support Poster. It provides clear and concise information to users about the location, contact details and services of almost 60 enterprise development organisations in the Cape Town metropole. The poster is thus a useful tool for prospective and existing entrepreneurs providing them with information to guide them in their search for support.

It is a well-known fact that entrepreneurial enterprises are the largest job creators in Cape Town and in the country as a whole. With the country’s high extended unemployment rate, and especially youth unemployment, entrepreneurship is a necessary, if not increasingly vital, route to follow.

The launch of this poster is just one of the many initiatives that the City has already developed to nurture and assist prospective and existing entrepreneurs. We also give support to informal traders and focus on the reduction of red tape that often is one of the biggest hindrances to small and medium enterprises.

This poster also comes at an opportune time providing an easy reference for school leavers, offering them various options for work and learning opportunities in the City.

Not everyone leaving school has the opportunity to further their studies at a tertiary institution. Having realised this, we as a City would like to inform these students of some of the opportunities we have on offer in Cape Town. Opportunities presented on the poster include training and skills development programmes as well as assistance to and to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We are committed to creating a city of opportunities for our young people and this poster provides valuable information to entrepreneurs in Cape Town.

However, if we want to turn around the structure of our economy, a collective approach and shared responsibility is required. We will do our utmost to continue our efforts to train, support and encourage the development of entrepreneurship but prospective and existing entrepreneurs need to empower themselves with knowledge, focus and the constant need to better their circumstances. This is the true pioneering spirit that is characteristic of entrepreneurs.

The poster, intended for display at municipal facilities and other public platforms, provides a visual representation of enterprise development organisations in Cape Town. It features organisations that provide coaching and mentoring, education and training, finance, legal and marketing and sales support, amongst others. Furthermore it supports the Job Seekers Poster released in July 2013 which is also available at municipal facilities.

Organisations that are featured on the poster are listed on the Activa portal and share the collective mandate of providing support to emerging as well as established enterprises. It showcases Cape Town as a place to do business with a government that supports enterprise development.

We encourage school leavers to seek out these opportunities, to make a success of their lives and contribute to the economy of Cape Town. As a City, we are committed to enabling opportunities for the young people of Cape Town.

Statement by Councillor Garreth Bloor

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