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Silicon Cape Infographic: The State Of SA’s Tech Startup Industry

by on 06/03/13 at 11:00 am
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The Silicon Cape Initiative has been running a survey gathering information about the local startup scene. This research is a first of it’s kind as there is surprisingly little information and research around the local IT industry. With entrepreneurship on the rise, documenting it will be critical to track the progress.

Silicon Cape Initiative InfographicThey’ve had 225 responses so far and although they’re still gathering responses until June, they’ve highlighted some interesting statistics gathered so far and collated these in an infographic in an effort to create more awareness about the survey.

While some information, like the fact that the industry is only 20% female, can be obvious, others, like that over 35% have post graduate education, certainly break some of the stigma’s around startups being just for college dropouts. And while B2B is clearly the most popular type of startup, over 80% are self financed.

There are also some clear indicators of how young and immature the market is: Access to funding is one of the largest perceived inhibitors, for instance. Most respondents are also involved in more than one startup; or thinking of doing so.

Even though over 85% saying that the future looks good and are positive about where we’re going, its clear that we have a long way to go. “The tech startup scene still requires lots more collaboration, less red tape and more support – but is clearly moving in the right direction. To get there we’re going to have to engage with each other and continue building awesome companies.” says Roger Norton, who holds the Communications portfolio.

If you’re involved in a technology startup, be sure to fill out the survey to help collect more data.

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