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Christmas List: Book Builds A Foundation Of Biblical Teaching To Achieve Financial Success

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Devonshire, Bermuda – The third time is the charm, right? Wrong, at least for Melvin Joell. When his third small business venture failed, Joell realized that the fault might not lie solely in an unstable economy or faulty business plan. Instead of focusing on outside factors, Joell began to look at himself and his relationship with God.

In his new book, The Art of Stewardship, Part 1: The Foundation, Joell tells how he connected the Bible’s teaching to his own entrepreneurial ambitions. The secret, he says, was building the foundation of stewardship that the Bible teaches.

“When you enter the professional world, your focus turns to ‘becoming’ something,” Joell says. “You lose sight of that well-rounded picture that you started with. Once you lose focus on that picture, the rest is lost and you are destined to be unsuccessful.”

The book is the first installation of Joell’s three part series that helps readers establish, build upon and ultimately profit from a firm foundation of religious and spiritual stewardship. The book is a compilation of 17 years of Joell’s biblical and experiential research.

“It took a long time before I realized that my lack of success was due to a lack of God and a lack of understanding what the Bible required of me,” Joell says. “The secret to financial, personal and spiritual success lies in a foundation of stewardship.”

For more information on the book, visit Amazon.

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