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Entrepreneurial Success Story “Pure Romance” Shows That Sex Sells To Women Too

by on 15/09/11 at 5:17 pm

Every girl wants a little romance in her life, but is just a little enough? Pure Romance, the world’s leading and fastest-growing woman-to-woman direct sellers of relationship and intimacy aids, is launching in South Africa in September – and life in the bedroom in this country will never be the same again.

At in-home parties conducted by a network of Pure Romance consultants, women will be able to purchase bath and beauty products, as well as the fun and daring intimate aids they’ve always wanted to try, but just didn’t know where to buy. The range includes a premier collection of pampering products, sexy lingerie, lubricants, performance enhancers and tantalising bedroom aids to add spice to every girl’s love life.

Pure Romance products enable women to explore their sexuality in a healthy, safe and comfortable way, and to enhance the sexual satisfaction that they and their partners experience in their intimate relationship.

Business opportunities for women in South Africa

From a business point of view, Pure Romance also offers many women the opportunity to supplement their incomes by working as consultants or by setting up their own in-home party businesses.

Pure Romance was established by Founder Patty Brisben in 1993 with start-up capital of just $5,000. She set up and ran the business from her basement; selecting, ordering and shipping products as well as planning her own parties – and all this while raising four active children.
Patty’s desire was to enable women to have more fun in the bedroom, to have more control over their sex lives and, on a business level, have the opportunity to achieve financial independence through becoming Pure Romance consultants. She also wanted her company to be a credible source of information about women’s sexual health issues, and the Pure Romance parties to offer a safe environment in which women can discuss intimate health and sexual issues.

“We’re in South Africa because we believe in the power of women. The time is right; women’s empowerment and sexual health are high up on the national agenda and those same values are what makes us part of every community where women want to stand tall. We’re looking forward to meeting all those amazing women who will be our future partners and women’s sexual health crusaders,” said Patty.

Over 75,000 consultants worldwide

At the moment, Pure Romance has a network of over 75,000 trainer or certified consultants across the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, all of whom continue to be inspired and uplifted not only by Patty’s vision, but also by the grassroots campaigns her company runs.

Pure Romance’s Sensuality, Sexuality, Survival programme, for instance, assists women to recapture their sensual and sexual selves following breast cancer treatments, while the Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health focuses on providing continuing education about sexual health, conducting important research into the subject and developing community programmes to enhance the quality of information and health services provided for women.

But on the fun side, becoming a Pure Romance consultant or finding out about hosting a Pure Romance party in your suburb is as easy as visiting the company’s web site. There’s nothing in the world like a new toy box and a swelling bank account to make a girl feel good!

For more information on Pure Romance, visit the Pure Romance website.

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