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Five Must-watch TED Talks For Entrepreneurs

by on 20/07/11 at 9:42 am

I’m a huge fan of TED Talks, where the best ideas from all over the world are presented during the annual global and bi-annual U.S. TED conferences, filmed and made available online for free viewing. Here are the ones I suggest, after pooling a few suggestions:

1. Alexis Ohanian: How to make a Splash in Social Media

2. Daniel Pink: The surprising science of motivation

3. Amy Lukas:  Ideas that Scale

4. Ray Anderson: The business logic of Sustainability

5. Adora Svitak: Why Adults can learn from kids

So what does this mean?

The key thing to remember is: it’s not all about how smart you are or how hard you work – it is about how smartly you work.

Additional viewing: Bradley Gauthier, a highly successful entrepreneur, recommends Five TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Needs To Watch: Tony Robbins (Why do you do what you do?); Seth Godin (on Standing out); Rory Sutherland (Life lessons from an Ad Man); Malcom Gladwell (What we can learn from Spagetti Sauce); and Alexis Ohanian (How to Make a Splash in Social Media).

Lauren Haworth is a sub-editor at Ideate. Lauren also is completing a New Media degree at Rhodes University. While part-timing at World Wide Creative, Lauren is also learning to become a social media whizkid. Follow Lauren on Twitter at @laurenhaworthsa View more articles by Lauren Haworth.

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2 Responses to “Five Must-watch TED Talks For Entrepreneurs”

  1. Bradley Gauthier

    Jul 24th, 2011

    great list Lauren!

    and thanks for the shout out and link love :)

  2. Lauren

    Jul 25th, 2011

    You’re most welcome Bradley!

    If you have any more recommended video clips, do let us know – i’m sure everyone who enjoyed the first list would be keen to see a second :)

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