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How does Entrepreneurship and Leadership relate to each other?

by on 01/09/10 at 8:07 am
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Many people do not consider themselves leaders, let alone experts on leadership, yet in the main from the very early years of our lives we are exposed to and devour (or reject) many expressions and experiences of Leadership. Whether is was on the sports field, in the classroom, along the family hierarchy, through the media or in our social and religious circles, the truth of the matter is, we are experts in observing the many expressions of great, good and appalling leadership. 

What we thus need to acknowledge is that leadership has always been influencing how we live, thrive or dive in this world and in fact it plays a part in all that we do as human beings. In each relationship we create and grow we fulfill a leadership role of fostering a mutual willingness to be influenced by the other.

So how does leadership intersect with Entrepreneurship? Well, greater leaders are not necessarily great entrepreneurs and vice versa, but what is important to be aware of, is those entrepreneurs that have mastered great skills of leadership, most notably lead large and successful enterprises.

In some cases, great entrepreneurs, with poor leadership skills, had the insight to identify their shortfall and at the appropriate time, hand leadership responsibility to others who could galvanize large groups of employees to deliver beyond the vision of the founding entrepreneur and create sustainable and successful businesses.  In the cases of leaders, it is not a prerequisite for a successful leader to be an entrepreneur, which of course should provide comfort to all of us, that whatever our appetite for risk, whatever our bouquet of innovative ideas, whatever our desire to be employed or go it alone, what we always have is the opportunity to master the growth of a strong and influential leadership capacity.

In summary, leadership intersects all spheres of life – the more refined those skills are the more likely all areas of ones contribution are to be successful. After all, one person trying to move a mountain, is far slower and less successful than a nation of people trying to move that mountain. Whatever it is, your leadership ability to get others to deliver with you, will make you successful in whatever you do, including being an entrepreneur.

The question you have to ask if you are an entrepreneur is, ‘when you see success beginning to emerge, how dependent have you made it’s success on you as the individual? That is when the true leadership challenge begins to emerge.

Marc Rogatschnig follows the Arnold Schwarzenegger rule of branding: "If you can spell my name right, I must be doing my job right". Marc is a business consultant, surfer, Africa traveler, energy ambassador, dreamer and a big fan of common courtesy. Marc also happens to be a Clinical Psychologist, so watch your comments or he’ll publicly expose you for being a bed wetter at age 12. View more articles by Marc Rogatschnig.

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