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Disgruntled Hyundai Customer

by on 27/07/07 at 9:11 am

My brother and sister in-law spotted this sign while spending a weekend in the KZN Midlands. The  real cherry on the top was the fact that the doors were unlocked and the keys were in the ignition. Someone really wanted to get rid of their 4×4 Hyundai!

Does anyone know someone who works at Hyundai? Would be great to get a response on this.

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26 Responses to “Disgruntled Hyundai Customer”

  1. milo

    Jul 27th, 2007

    Why don’t you take your complaint up with the NCB, they will take up the challenge of solving your problems with hyundai.

  2. Cherryflava

    Jul 27th, 2007

    How bad – Jupiter is their agency.

    I think we can relate with the service from Renault.

  3. VE van Zyl

    Aug 10th, 2007

    I couldn’t agree more… Hyundai stinks! My wife’s Getz broke down and has been standing at the dealership for the past two weeks. Hyundai say that they cannot get parts. I say what about a courtesy car. They say “too bad, so sad” but their policy does not cover courtesy cars. If you want my advice, rather pay a bit more and get decent service from a company that cares about it’s customers AFTER they buy.

  4. Nadir

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Hyundai service is the worst after service i have ever received . . . the product is good but South Africa Hyundai’s delivers a very poor after sales service, as long as they have your money they could care less, i sent my car for its first service at 15000 kms and it came back with parts falling of the engine. . .as i type this i am waiting in the service reception for nearly a hour with no assistance and i am unable to go to work . . . i like my car but due to the poor services delivered i am in the process of selling my atos. . .Thanks Hyundai for your crappy service. . .buy a BMW or MERC not Hyundai. as for the professional assistance number on 0800111994, LMAO, need not say more.

  5. Richard

    Sep 16th, 2007

    You all have to much time to sit and complain to one another. why not do something constructive and find a dealer who does go the extra mile. Try Hyundai Cresta. rated the third best dealership for service and after sales.

  6. Doug

    Mar 3rd, 2008

    When the wheel bearings fail after just 19,000Km and you get told that there is no warranty after 1 year it certainly does piss you off. Hyundai’s after sales service really does stink. Solution – dont buy the junk..

  7. Michael

    Apr 15th, 2008

    Can’t believe this, I’ve got a Terracan for 2 years and my wife has a Tuscon for a year now and we’ve had nothing but great service and pleasure. Both cars haven’t given us any problems and are extremely reliable. Maybe you’ve had just a bad dealer! Write to their HQ so that they become aware.

  8. obi p.o.

    Jun 26th, 2008

    The greatest regret of my life was buying the so called brand new hyundai tucson,a 200,000km used car would have been better,imagine,2nd month of using this car i was complaing ,now mileage 13507 and the car is going for engine work and the customer care center very insensitive.I am held hostage in pretoria because a bought a so called brand new car.The management must do something.A factory’s fault and I am suffering.I dont know how to travel with my 6wks old baby in a car that am not used to.Their warranty is so juicy in paper but in practice,it stinks.

  9. obi p.o.

    Jun 26th, 2008

    I wish i could speak with the general manager or c.e.o hyundai south africa,who knows they might not be aware of what their clients are going through.The joy of buying a brand new car is defeated.Ideally,mistake could occur but the company must accept responsibility immediately.I should be entitled to the brand new car I paid for on 9th november 2007.There should be immediate replacement once a company discovers a fault.Please,anybody that cares should give me the contact numbers or email address of hyundai south africa general manager or C.E.O so that my problem will be solved because the customer care centre is too rigid for me.I will appreciate if they use thier good office to solve this problem and I am prepared to let the world know the outcome.

  10. I rate

    May 10th, 2010

    Couldnt agree more, Hyundai is the worst dealership ever!!!! I personally would never recommend them, I bought a brand new I10 it isnt even 4 months old and the car won’t start and the windscreen wipers don’t work. I phoned this morning to have my car collected to be repaired, needless to say they still coming…and I’m stuck with no assistance of getting home!!! What kind of service does hyundai offer if any…please let me know if they do actually offer any service to their customers….

  11. nothot

    Jun 23rd, 2010

    I agree 100% I am absolutely shocked with the treatment I received from Hyundai. I had a complaint about the servicing of my car (they didn’t replace my wipers as per my request, they merely cleaned it). I went back to Hyundai, upon my arrival I had to wait for ages for Andries Burger (the Service Manger I will have you know) to finish his PERSONAL CALL, without any acknowledgement of my arrival. After he finished his call, I was greeted with a ‘yes’ – not even an apology for making me wait. He was very unhelpful with my complaint and said that he wouldn’t go out of his way to help me since he didn’t make money out of the sale of the car (I bought my car in Cape Town and had in services in Hermanus). I was gob-smacked. I went home and decided to phone him to again state how unhappy I was with the service I received. When I got him on the phone and started explain my thoughts, he got furios, raised his voice and said ‘you can’t talk to me like that, I’m much older than you are (I’m 32) blah-blah’ and then proceeded to SLAM the phone down in my ear! Have you EVER!?! I reported him to Hyundai Head Offices – nothing’s happened since.Do not buy a Hyundai – BAD client service!Selling my car.

  12. Uresh

    Jul 24th, 2010

    I dont advise anyone to buy any hyundai, i have had bad experiences with three branches. I have purchased an IX35 and because theres such a long waiting list , they treat you with the attitude “take it or leave it”. I was even told by John at centurion branch to take my business else where. I had to fork out R7000 for a car that had extras i didnt need.I paid unwilling becos i already waited 40 days so far. I really needed the side steps and bull bar , which i must now wait for, until i get more cash.I noticed the paint job was a bit strange from side view, but decided i’ll compare with another black IX35 when i see one,knowing that if i went to hyundai , they would say “it comes like that”. Now its a week old and had its first wash and upon comparing with other black cars at the car wash, my paint is rippled, my entire R274000 car !!!! Its weekend now so lets see what they have to say on monday. They are definately sacrifing quality to meet demands Customer service has the same dont care attitude as East rand, and I hear the SA CEO adds your name to a spam list when you email him. Does anyone know who i can contact

  13. Paul

    Dec 13th, 2010

    I have experienced problems twice with Hyundai. The first one was never resolved even though I took my complaint to Hello Peter. I bought bushes for an Atoz and was told I would have it in three weeks. I finally received it after 2 weeks. The original mechanic diagnosed the problem incorrectly and nothing was actually wrong with the bushes. Tried returning it to Hyundai Cresta and was told that it was a bought out part and was non returnable. I was never told this at the beginning. How can it be a bought out part when it comes from their parts warehouse. Surely Hyundai are obligated to keep spares for all the vehicles that they manufacture. Its not like the part would never be sold again

  14. Farhaad

    Aug 18th, 2011


    I agree I just tried calling the coustomer care line and they have advised me that the manager of the section will not take calls from any client unless the client has logged a complaint and the service desk is not able to resolve the matter. Apprantly the manager Cornie Theorn does not deal with client’s , or in this case does not have time for clients concerns’s. The level of service is so poor that when you call the help desk the voice prompt request you to go on line to log a complaint as opposed to speaking to an agent.

    Sad that they calim to want to take over the market with this service I do see them doing that.

    .Please,anybody that cares should give me the contact numbers or email address of hyundai south africa general manager or C.E.O so that my problem will be solved because the customer care centre is too rigid for me.I will appreciate if they

  15. Brien Francis

    Aug 19th, 2011

    Customer care non existent. 10 Month old I30 2.0L broke down last Saturday and was towed to Amamzintoti Service centre yet was bought from Pinetown. Told First time fault in Sa and still cant fix yet i sit without a vehicle which I cant do my job without. They hardly get back to you or keep you informed about progress and dont ever expect to be able to get hold of someone in Senior Management. They never call back after leaving messages for management. I have a full maintenance plan and topped up the warranty yet it doesnt help as I sit without a vehicle. They just dont assist with loan vehicles. I had a Ford Focus before this and whenever there was an issue and had to go in I was given a vehicle everytime. Bad Move Buying a Hyundai in South Africa. Here is a part of there Ceo’s message on website

    “We are not just a company that makes cars. Hyundai is a company that creates new possibilities. Our goal is not to become the biggest car company. Our goal is to become the most-loved car company and a trusted lifetime partner of our customers.”

    Pity they cant live up to it.

  16. Hopp's

    Sep 14th, 2011

    I have never hated anything more than I hate Hyundai at the moment, got Hyundai Getz that broke down “No Part” been waiting for a month and are half but I was promised 15 working days?????? No Loan car availble???? but the car is still under wanrranty. I would also NOT RECOMMEND a Hyundai to anyone, they just want your money and nothing more.

  17. Nugent

    Oct 30th, 2011

    Plse don’t ever buy from Hyundai Milnerton in the Cape !!! They are the worst !!! Staff from Sales people to Dealer Principal are self serving and incompetent. They do NOT assume responsibilty and accountability for their mistakes – they cannot even spell a clients name correctly on the contract. Even the year model of the car that i purchased from them, was incorrect on the contract. They blamed this mistake on the bank, and refused to accept responsibility for their mistake. I will not leave this here!!! I want to speak to the CEO of Hyuandai SA !!!!!

  18. Johnny

    Feb 14th, 2012

    When I took delivery of the vehicle it was covered in very fine scratches. I showed this to the Manager, Nicolas who said that All Hyundai’s were supplied this way. What rubbish!!!
    Body panels and plastic bits are badly aligned. I could fix this myself but I’m afraid I may void my warranty.
    The drivers seat does not feel stable and seems to move when cornering.
    The bonnet rattles when driving over uneven surface.
    Reverse sensors beep most of the time and unreliable.
    The roof is creaking when you are driving, Hyundai Alberton are aware of the latent defect which affects all of these models. They need at least 3 days to fix the problem but will not provide a courtesy car.
    Front brakes are noisy, possibly metal to metal after 23000km. When braking in an emergency situation, the brakes almost non-existent
    Traction control is not effective on a wet or slippery surface.
    ABS very disappointing, compared to quality cars.
    There is a knock when turning the steering to full lock.
    Suspension is noisy on uneven road surfaces.
    Fuel consumption is very high, best is 8 l/100km on freeway and 11.9 in town. The brochure states 8.2l/100km combined.
    The engine lacks power, and gearbox is extremely slow to respond.
    Headlights light up the pavement and trees on the side of the road. I am only able to see about 6 or 7 M in front of me, despite Hyundai Alberton supposedly attending to this.
    I was led to believe that the Koreans had made vast improvements to their cars, this is far from the truth. I have never driven such a badly built car. I don’t even feel safe while driving it. The only good part is the looks, which is what attracted me to the car in the first place.
    .I must state that the sales representative Mandy, at Hyundai Alberton has always been a pleasure to deal with since I purchased the car, even listening to complaints. She is always willing to go the extra mile but unfortunately not able to assist with technical problems.

    Please do not buy one of these pieces of junk!!!

  19. Herman

    Mar 14th, 2012

    Beginning November 2011 we finally bought our “dream car” (Hyundai IX35 R2,0 CRDI GLS AWD A/T). Worked hard to be able to afford it. “Brand new” it is delivered to us in Hazyview. We are so happy to get our “new” dream car. The first week after we got the car I need to take it to Hyundai Nelspruit’s workshop so that they can put on the “nosebar” as they couldn’t done it in time for delivery. That afternoon when I got back my car and drove home, I see that the panel where the gears is, is scratched (looks like someone took a spanner or something while changing the automatic gears with it in hand). Several days later I received an sms from the branch asking if I was satisfied with the service and I reply no I am not happy at all and told them about the scratched panel. Until today they haven’t come back to me!

    In December we went on holiday to Jeffrey’s Bay, on our way back just before Kroonstad we got a flat tyre, changed it and see that in the inside it is worn down to the wire, almost 5cm, look at the other one, the same! We have to drive slowly as we don’t have a spare now. It is a mission to get two new tyres in Kroonstad. Finally we get the tyres and after almost 5 hours and R7250-00 later and promises from Hyundai to replace it we can continue to drive home(the car only have 9000km on the clock).

    So I send the claim to Hyundai Lydenburg(where we bought the car). It’s now two months later, do not know how many e-mails and phone calls, and we are still waiting for the money!

    The car almost have 10 000km, suddenly the engine light goes on. Look in the book and it says it has to get to a dealer as soon as possible, it was late at night so the next morning we took the car to Hyundai Nelspruit’s workshop. They put it on the lift and apparently there is an oil leak, we need to leave the car there as we are not allowed to drive with it(it was Monday 6Feb). So we have to rent a vehicle because no courtesy car was available (talk to Hyundai again, they will pay the vehicle). Get a rental car from Europcar, the first amount go off on my credit card on 8 February(R8091), and the second on 14 February (R2000), and the third on 6 March (R19607). With our “own” car it would have been a bit cheaper to drive!

    On Thursday we call the workshop (they said we can get it on Friday) to hear if our car is finish to collect the next day. No, they have to order a seal. A few days later we phone again, still not finish they will only get the seal by 5 March! (I think they plant or grow rubber trees then milk them and only then can they produce a seal)Few weeks later they call us(for a change) and told us they got the seal we have to bring in the car so they can put it in. We told them that we can’t bring in the car as it is already standing there in the workshop for 3 weeks now, and that they can just immediately start with it! Tuesday we phone again to hear if they are finish(was suppose to be finish on Monday), no the seal they ordered was the wrong one but they looked in their store room and found one(so actually the car was standing there for weeks now for nothing?). Put the seal in, put in the oil and suddenly there is another leak! Doesn’t even phone us we have to phone every time!

    On Monday 5 March I stopped at the workshop to get my mailbox key(since it’s almost a month I couldn’t take out my mail), they send a young man to accompany me to the outside to my car to get my key, there my “new” car is standing way at the back in the sun, wonder if it’s been standing there for all this time?(I don’t even let my old car stand in the sun for so long)

    It’s now more than 4 weeks later, tired of begging and phoning all the time, I don’t even want that car anymore! It already give us so much problems, don’t trust it anymore. We expect Hyundai to give us a brand new car, pay back our money for the tyres, pay the bill on my credit card with interest for the rental car and bank charges on the credit card, so their name is not affected it is the least they can do for us to compensate for all the inconvenience, or we have to take legal action.

    After I send this mail to Hyundai I get an e-mail from Liam from Customer Service saying that Hyundai will only pay for the labour and the seal. Thank heavens they will pay a R5 seal and me R40 000 for rental and tyres. At R4 a kilometre above the buying of R400 000 I really hope to sell it or let it just stand too expensive for me. This is unexceptable. The public should know about the terrible service of Hyundai before they have to go threw what we did. If you read the letter/message of the CEO, Alan Ross,(on their website) it is the opposite of what is happening in reality. In my situasion there in NO client service from Hyundai!

    Hyudai Nelspruit says thy can’t work if there is no parts. You Hyundai sells 1000s of vehicles and there is no parts. wow wow. It’s like me booking in guests and tell them sorry we can’t take you on a gamedrive . ???????????????????

    Wonder for how long we still have to wait for our “crap” car and all the money?

    At least Hyundai Lydenburg try to help us with this mess from Nelspruit workshop via e-mails etc.

    I fear the day the car is not under guarantee anymore and I have to pay all the expenses because their service is so bad!

    Send an e-mail again to Nelspruit to hear when we can get our car, now the part will be in Johannesburg only on 22March(last time it was 16 March). Europcar phoned as today and say we must pay another R15000-00. When and where is this going to end????????

    I hope you can accomplish something with them

    084 6086 810

  20. Margaret

    Jun 27th, 2012

    I had an Elantra 1,8 GLS for 15 years. Never had a problem with it, just replacing tyres and batteries etc. The time came to get a new car and of course as I was satisfied with the Hyundai I bought in Klerksdorp and the service I had been getting in Bloemfontein, I decided to buy a new Hyundai in Bloem. I went for the i30 1.6 in January 2012 with the 5yr guarantee! I was assured by the salesperson and the manager sales iin Bloem that this was the latest model and there would be no changes in the near future. I was flabbergasted to see on TV that there is a very new updated version of the i30 coming out in July 2012!!
    However apart from this – I am not finding any joy in driving the i30. It is sluggish and loud and now I know why the boot contains a ‘net’! Everything falls all over the place – it is very unstable – unlike the old Elantra. My wipers are not working either. And as for the PDI, I had to put water in myself and inflate my tyres to the correct pressure.
    I agree with a lot of the comments above – once the sale is complete, and mine was a cash sale, – the staff dont give a damn – dont even ring to ask how things are. I’ve been singing Hyundai’s praises for a few years now – but will have to move on to something else.
    With the new i30 coming out next month, I will lose out considerably on a good trade in price.

    June 27 2012, Bloemfontein

  21. Donald

    Dec 11th, 2012

    I can relate to all of the above when it comes to Hyundai. We recently bought an IX35. The car itself (so far) is not the problem, it’s dealing with the staff that is the problem.

    Without going in to detail about my problem, I have found this site : which I am hoping will be of help to others. Please can I urge people to complain to the ombudsman, as it is a legal institute which investigates complaints and deals with all automotive complaints in the industry.

    If more people complain there, hopefully we can do something to rectify the terrible service which has almost become an industry standard.

  22. Pieter van Aardt

    Oct 3rd, 2013

    had a very bad service experience with Hyundai menlyn, took the car in for service, they had it for 2 days for no reason, gave it back to us after 2 days-NOTHING DONE to the car, They didnt even service it nevermind cleaned it…

  23. Max

    Oct 27th, 2013

    Purchased a 2009 Tiburon with 33000km on the clock still under full warranty and service plan. Car is serviced only by Hyundai at the prescribed intervals. After 60 000km service I noticed a knock in the engine and took the car back to the dealer so they could investigate. It has taken me 8 months to get the motor opened only to find the oil pump, conrod and main bearings are worn. By the this time I had driven a further 23 000km with this noise as they say there is no noise. I had to throw my toys out the cott and go to Hyundai SA to get a response.

    I then discover that the short motor had been replaced just before I bought it at 32 933km and that was the reason the ex owner got rid of it. This was never declared at all. In a nut shell the motor has worn its bearings and block twice in 60 000km. My warranty expires in two months time and my car is still there and will be for at least another month as the parts take 21 days to come from agent.

    They now intend to replace the rings, bearings and oil pump stating that there is no exccesive ware on the block (still no mechanical report from them in two months after a ton of emails but theres always a reason) after two mechanics have openly stated that this repair will not solve the problem. I have just been offered a 20 000km 1 year extended warranty as gesture of goodwill. Disgusting, the motor has gone twice in 60 000km the value of the car has dropped altogether. At this point I am asking for a brand new factory motor and I want to see what they would offer me for the car as it stands as one of the managers has already mentioned that they would not beable to trade the car in for very much…..not sure what very much is. After reading this thread of comments I am going all out to bring this poor service to an end via the MIO and the CPA if its the last thing I do.

    SA is becoming a dumping ground for cheap @#%$ and its time that us consumers put an end to it.

  24. Phillip Nthabalala

    Nov 11th, 2013

    Bought Hyunda ix35 in November 2010 .At 80000 km it develop noise in the gearbox.Gearbox fixed 4 times with no avail.when busy driving the car get out of gears by itsself.The car is still under warranty but the cannot fix it.Customer service just promise but no action.Bad service indeed

  25. Tony W

    Jan 11th, 2014

    I am a 3 time Hyunsai owner – Tucson, I20, Santa Fe – all new.

    I am now sick of their incompetence. They cant do any maintenance because AMH wont approve the claim, so their warrantee is pointless.

    In my last interaction it took 3 days to do a service. I have now called head office and customer (s)care and they dont give a hooy.

    I hope anyone considering a Hyundai happens along this comment – it will save them money and their sanity!!

  26. Cyndi

    May 30th, 2014

    Have taken my Elantra in on a number of occasions to fix various things which are still broken. The worst was they “forgot” to collect me after the last service DESPITE having made numerous phone calls to ask where the driver was. They said they would collect me at 15:30 and only collected me at 17:05.

    There is no email or fax number for complaints and no one responds to Hello Peter.

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